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Musings, Ironies, and Tributes

This isn’t a book, it’s a collection of stories to supplement therapy sessions. They will not tell you how to cope but they will possibly help get you to the other side.

Inspired by family and friends, Kathryn offers an insight to life in the South through humor, tributes and just plain storytelling.

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Little Sips from a Southern Punch Bowl

A Novel by Kathryn Hill

An enthralling legal thriller that takes the reader into the twisting labyrinth of the criminal justice system, the deep recesses of a woman’s heart and a maelstrom of dark desire, violence and danger.

Judge Kate Wood is a young, bright and brave woman whose judicial career takes second place to her hunt for the people that savagely murdered her sister.

There appears to be no safe place for Kate as she wanders through the dark side of her sister’s life. As the mystery unfolds, she finds herself a victim.

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